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Have you ever thought of what is so fascinating about St Patrick day? What is the history and reason behind the celebration of this happy festival? In this post let me put light on St Patrick Day celebrations. I don’t want you to scratch your head and spend hours researching about the St Patrick’s Day 2020. Many questions must be answered under one article to help you gain a deeper understanding of Irish culture. Every culture has its own beliefs, mindsets, values, and thought process. St. Patrick Day is an opportunity to observe some critical aspects of Irish culture. We have researched a lot on St Patrick Day and are providing you with the answers to the most asked questions about St Patrick Day. Let us answer some frequently asked questions on St Patrick Day. 

St Patrick Day 2020

What is St Patrick’s Day? 

St. Patrick Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. On March 17, every year, the United Kingdom observes Patrick Day, which is one of the four saint’s day. Initially started as a religious feast day in honour of St Patrick (“Feast of Saint Patrick”), it has taken the form of a celebration of Irish culture and heritage.

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How is St Patrick’s Day Celebrated? 

 In many countries around the world, enthusiasm can be seen in the form of parades and dancing by the Irish diaspora. People wear green clothes and accessories, the colour most associated with Ireland. People consume beer cans as Lenten Restriction of fasting is intentionally lifted on this day. 

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When is St. Patricks Day? 

St. Patrick Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland observed on or around March 17. So, St Patrick’s Day 2020 is on Wednesday, March 17, 2020

Welcoming St Patrick's Day 2020

St. Patricks Day Calendar 2015-2030:

The Calendar below contains the Date and Day of the week for St Patrick Day:

When is St Patrick DayDateDay of the week     
St. Patrick’s Day 2015     March 17, 2015     Tuesday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2016     March 17, 2016     Thursday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2017     March 17, 2017     Friday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2018     March 17, 2018     Saturday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2019     March 17, 2019      Sunday     
St Patrick’s Day 2020     March 17, 2020     Tuesday     
St Patrick’s Day 2021     March 17, 2021     Wednesday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2022     March 17, 2022     Thursday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2023     March 17, 2023     Friday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2024     March 17, 2024     Sunday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2025     March 17, 2025     Monday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2026    March 17, 2026    Monday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2027      March 17, 2027     Monday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2028      March 17, 2028     Monday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2029     March 17, 2029     Monday     
St. Patrick’s Day 2030     March 17, 2030     Monday     

I hope you have gained enough knowledge of the Irish way of celebrating St Patrick Day 2020. If your questions/queries are still unanswered and you have any other doubt left, feel free to write it in the comment box below. We will try to answer it soon. Thank You and see you again. Also read about St Patrick’s Day Quotes to read our Patrick’s quotes.

St Patrick’s Day 2020 Date

So, in this section you know many things about St. Patricks Day 2020. It is a public holiday on 17th March in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In many countries around all over the world, enthusiasm can be seen in the form of parades and dancing by the Irish diaspora. According to St Patricks day calendar on this day people wear green clothes along with accessories. The colour is most associated with Ireland and people consume beer cans like Lenten Restriction of fasting is intentionally lifted. Thus, St Patrick’s day 2020 date is not far so, start your preparation if you don’t start till now.

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